US Consul in Alexandria : US does not interfere in Egypt's internal affairs

Ahram Online , Monday 3 Nov 2014

US Consul in Alexandria says the US does not interfere in Egypt's internal affairs as strained relations between the United States and Egypt continue to rebound

US consul
The meeting of US consul (C) with Egyptian journalists in Alexandria (Photo:Ahram Arabic news website)

Stephen G. Fakan, the US Consul General in Alexandria said on Sunday that the US embassy in Cairo does not fund or finance any political party in Egypt or interfere in Egyptian internal affairs, reported MENA news agency.

In a meeting with Egyptian journalists earlier at the US Consulate in Alexandria, Fakan said that as a diplomat he met and listened to all sectors and different forces inside Egypt, including salafists, but that doesn't mean he supports any particular one.

The consul also stated that Washington considered President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi a president who was elected in a free election. He added that the US administration used to deal with the ousted president Morsi according to international laws and traditions respecting the Egyptians who elected him before they changed their opinion later. 

“In the end all these matters are internal Egyptian affairs that should be respected and Washington is acting in accordance with the latest developments,” Falkan stated.

Falkan stressed the United States continues to suport Egypt economically and that Egyptian and American businesspeople would be meeting this month to discuss cooperation on investments.

While relations between the US and Egypt were initially strained following US criticism of Morsi’s ouster, both countries have recently stressed strong ties with one another.

Egypt recently said it supported the US-led efforts against the Islamic State group but stopped short of committing troops.

US government officials recently released Apache helicopters, part of annual US military aid to Cairo, to help Egypt fight an Islamic insurgency in Sinai.

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