Egypt's forensics declare Douma's health condition stable

Lobna Monieb , Tuesday 4 Nov 2014

Douma will stay in hospital as a result of his case 'gaining momentum'

The tripartite forensic committee handed its report on activist Ahmed Douma's medical status, Tuesday, to the prosecution general, recommending that he be sent back to prison.

The Egyptian forensics authority formed a tripartite committee Monday to examine political activist Ahmed Douma and decide whether his condition requires a longer stay in the hospital.

Douma is currently serving a three-year sentence for violating the protest law during a demonstration in Cairo in late 2013. Douma was arrested in December, and has been in prison ever since.

In March 2014, an older case known as "Cabinet clashes" was sent to court, on the grounds of which Douma is being detained pending investigations, in addition to the three-year sentence he is serving.

Dr. Hisham Abdel-Hamid, spokesperson of the forensics authority, told Ahram Online that the assigned committee advised that Douma could receive his needed medical care inside the prison.

"The committee confirmed that his health condition is stable and that he no longer needs to stay in the hospital, so long as he gets his medication in the prison cell,” he said.

Abdel-Hamid explained that the committee was made up of two forensic doctors and a third doctor representing the prison authority.

It is still unclear whether the committee's recommendation will be implemented, as the Kasr El-Aini hospital had already recommended Douma be taken back to prison, which was not done by the prisons authority, as lawyer Osama El-Mahdi mentioned.

El-Mahdi, Douma's lawyer, explained to Ahram Online that on 10 October, the hospital declared Douma's condition stable and that he could return to prison. However, a representative of the interior ministry visited Douma and told him that they are giving him more time in the hospital.

"I think they wanted to ease the tension, as Douma's case was gaining more and more momentum," El-Mahdi said.

El-Mahdi, who expects a verdict in Douma's case by December, asserted that Douma has received medical care and medication since he was moved to the hospital in early October.

 "His condition, regarding his abdomen problem, is much better and this was the forensics team’s concern," he said "but he is also suffering from a rectal fissure, which causes bleeding. This was not regarded by the forensics committee and it is not clear what they plan to do about it,” El-Mahdi explained

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