Youth coalition calls for protest Friday outside Arab League

Ahram Online, Thursday 5 May 2011

Protest intended as a show of solidarity with uprisings in Syria, Yeman, Libya and Bahrain while organisers slam Egypt's interim rulers for not denouncing the violent crackdown against protesters in these Arab countries

Arab League
Syrian protesters carry a coffin which symbolises those who died during the uprising in Syria, at a protest in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, (Reuters).

The January 25 Youth Coalition has called for a gathering tomorrow in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo at 4pm to celebrate the 100-day anniversary of the revolution and the reconciliation of Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

The protesters also plan to show their solidarity with the Arab revolutions. The coalitions asked for citizens throughout the Arab world to go out to their respective squares to show support to their “brothers in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain.”

In a press conference at noon today, the coalition also demanded that Egypt recalls its ambassadors from these Arab countries to show its official condemnation of the brutal crackdown against protesters and to put pressure on them to end the bloodshed.

The coalition also demanded that Egypt kicks out Ahmed Kazaf Al-Dam, the former Egyptian-Libyan relations coordinator, who is accused of transferring money to the Gadaffi regime in Libya.

The group also demanded that Egypt removes its candidacy of Mustafa El-Fiqi as the next secretary-general of the Arab League after Amr Moussa completes his second term in the post. The group pointed out that El-Fiqi is not fit to hold the post because he was accused of rigging the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Khaled Talmeya, a member of the coalition’s executive office, also criticised the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. He insisted that the revolution has achieved only “20 per cent of its goals” as the military council controls the transitional period and does not listen to the opinion of other forces. He said that the council’s approval of the anti-protest law which was released in the official paper, despite Prime Minster Essam Sharaf’s promise that he will review it, has also raised questions about their intentions. He also criticised the new political party’s law, the ongoing practice of military trials and the appointment of many governors associated with the old regime.

Talmeya also demanded that the military council issues a new law that allows governors to be elected rather than appointed, and for 5000 who were tried in military courts to be retired in front of a civil court.

Islam Lotfy, another member of the coalition’s executive office, also slammed Egypt for not recognising the transitional national council in Libya even though the Arab League has done so. He also criticised the Egyptian government for staying silent over the violence against peaceful protesters in Syria and Yemen.

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