Four rapists sentenced to death in Nile Delta

El Sayed Gamal El Din , Thursday 6 Nov 2014

Two men raped the woman in Kafr El-Sheikh while up to eight others threatened neighbours with firearms to prevent her rescue

Four men were sentenced to death on Thursday for raping a woman in Kafr El-Sheikh.

The court of cassation postponed the verdict on six other defendants until 18 December.

The victim was the wife of a man reportedly in a dispute with one of the defendants. Two men raped her in her home, while eight guarded the building with firearms to prevent neighbours from rescuing her.

The first verdict, before the appeal, sentenced all ten defendants to death.

Egypt has seen a rising wave of sexual violence in recent years. Attacks are underreported and rights groups have campaigned to raise awareness and urge the authorities to introduce tougher laws and speed up legal procedures.

Street harassment and mob sexual attacks, mainly at demonstrations, prompted the government in May to issue a special sexual harassment law specifying imprisonment for offenders.


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