Lawyers protest against Bin Laden death

Ekram Ibrahim , Saturday 7 May 2011

If popular in the United States, the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan has not down well everywhere, with some protesting in Cairo

Tens of lawyers protested in front of the Lawyer's Syndicate today against the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Lawyers chanted anti-Barack Obama slogans.

Yesterday, also hundreds of Salafi protesters gathered after Friday prayers at Al-Nour mosque in Abbasiya, condemning the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan.

They then marched through Ramses, passed Tahrir Square, and made their way to the American Embassy in Cairo, where army and police forces had cordoned off the block.

In a statement on its website yesterday, Al-Qaeda confirmed the death of its leader. Al-Qaeda promised retribution against the United States and its allies, including Pakistan, in a statement released Friday.

Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda became the United States' most wanted target nearly a decade ago.

Bin Laden, the wealthy son of a construction magnate in Saudi Arabia, founded Al-Qaeda in the 1980s when fighting in Afghanistan. After the 11 September attacks, the group became less centralised, with regional wings — most notably in Yemen — operating more independently.

When Bin Laden's death was announced Sunday, thousands of Americans flocked immediately to the White House, chanting "USA, USA" and punching the air with joy. Scenes of mass jubilation were also witnessed in New York City.

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