Court resumes in Ezz trial

Ahram Online, Saturday 7 May 2011

A steel company owner has said in court Ahmed Ezz’s monopoly of steel licensing did not weigh on Egypt’s economy

Khaled Mohamed, a steel company owner, has said while giving testimony to court in the trial of ‎Ahmed Ezz that Ezz's monopoly in steel licensing did not negatively affect the nation’s economy. ‎
The former NDP figure Ezz was frequently blamed for controlling steel prices, causing the real ‎estate market to fluctuate over recent years.   ‎

However, Mohamed told the judge that Ezz’s policy did not have bad effects, which ‎prompted a massive ovation from the lawyers and supporters of Ezz.‎

One of the session’s attendees clapped his hands so excessively that he was sentenced ‎to 24 hours in jail for contempt of court. ‎

Steel tycoon Ezz is indicted on charges of accumulating illegal profits and squandering public ‎funds.

Ex-Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohammed Rashid and former IDA Chairman ‎Amr Asal are facing similar charges.‎

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