Ajnad Misr threatens further militant attacks in Egypt: Video

Ahram Online , Thursday 27 Nov 2014

A video claimed to be published by the Egyptian Ajnad Misr militant group features footage of past attacks, promising more until Islamic rule is established

Ajnad Misr
Snapshot from unverified video showing an Ajnad Misr militant planning the Foreign Ministry attack which killed two police officers in September, 2014

A video released on YouTube Wednesday claimed by the Salafist Jihadi group Ajnad Misr has threatened continued attacks against Egyptian security forces until Islamic rule is enforced in Egypt.

The video, produced by the group's Kenana media organisation (Kenana is an Islamic reference to Egypt), features footage of the planning stages of militant attacks on Egyptian police forces and coverage of their aftermath.

The video, spread via jihadi websites, shows a series of attacks on security forces while titling each attack and and its date and the number of casualties and injuries caused, describing officers and conscripts as criminals.

Attacks on security forces claimed by Ajnad Misr at Cairo University, at Egypt's foreign ministry, at the presidential palace and in Lebanon Square in Giza's Mohandeseen district, as well as others, led to the deaths of several police officers and conscripts during the past year.

The video is titled "Retribution is Life II" and is the second part of a similar video the group published in April claiming several of the attacks. The group said in the video that their use of violence is due to failing by peaceful means to achieve their demands.

Ahram Online could not verify the authenticity of the videos.

Footage of clashes between Egyptian police and army forces and protesters are played to the background of a speaker saying the Islamic world is facing a war against Islam, and that in Egypt tyrants have "killed Muslims and demolished mosques and burnt copies of the Quran."

It also includes footage of planning for the foreign ministry attack and a video appearing to show a tutorial on creating explosives in a lab.

The group was declared a terrorist organisation by an Egyptian court in May.

The video's release comes a day before protests called for Salafists in defence of "Islamic identity," to which authorities have responded with exceptional security measures, deploying additional police and army forces.

Islamist militant attacks against security forces sharply spiked in Egypt after the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Hundreds of police and army personnel were killed subsequently, as well as suspected militants, according to official statements. The greatest level of violence is concentrated in North Sinai.

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