Political groups demand clarification of government stance on Mubarak verdict

Lobna Monieb , Monday 1 Dec 2014

In a presser that took place on Monday in Al-Karama party headquarters, a group of political parties have explicitly showed their anger towards the acquittal verdict of Mubarak, El-Adly and his aides

(Photo: Lobna Monieb)

Parties and movements formed after Egypt's 2011 revolution demand the Egyptian government to clarify its stance on the acquittal verdicts of former President Hosni Mubarak and top officials and figures of his regime in a press conference that took place on Monday.

On Saturday, Mubarak, his two sons, his interior minister Habib El-Adly and top security officials were acquitted by the Egypt`s criminal court on charges of killing protestors during the January 2011 uprising.

In a press conference that took place on Monday in Al-Karama party headquarters, the the Democratic Current, an alliance which includes the liberal Constitution party, the leftist Egyptian Popular Current movement, the Nasserist Karama party and others, expressed their anger towards the acquittal.

Head of the Constitution party, Hala Shukralla, who was in attendance said the party will be reconsidering it's backing of the political roadmap unveiled soon after the ouster of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi last year.

"We will be continuously revising our stance. We'll keep a close watch on the developments. This is a crossroads of the revolution," Shukralla highlighted.

Members of the Democratic Current participated in laying down the roadmap with Egypt's army after Morsi's ouster.

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi, who attended conference as well, strongly condemned the use of force by police forces against protestors demonstrating against Mubarak’s verdict.

He also highlighted the importance of clarifying whether "the country is progressing along the revolution or back to the old regime."

Sabahi highlighted that he will be communicating with all revolutionary movements, excluding the Muslim Brotherhood, to unify their stance towards all the political events.  

In a press release, the alliance revealed its intention to launch a campaign demanding the Egyptian government indict Mubarak and members of his regime for political crimes.

George Ishak, founder of the Kefaya movement against Mubarak and of the Constitution Party told Ahram Online that a group of seven political parties have launched a new campaign under the name of 'Indict Them.'

The press release stated that "the campaign will start with a petition to be signed on the Internet and we will also distribute it to citizens in the streets.”

The release also demanded Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi enact the treason law which punishes political corruption.

The verdict prompted protesters to demonstrate near Tahrir Square, leading to it being sealed off to the public by security forces.

According to the health ministry, two died and tens of others were injured after clashes between security forces and protestors near the square on Saturday evening. 

*Marina Barsoum contributed to this story

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