El-Zawahiri makes #1 on America's most wanted list after bin Laden's death

Ahram Online, Monday 9 May 2011

US national security adviser puts Al-Qaeda's next-in-line for leadership, Egyptian Ayman El-Zawahiri, in bin Laden's spot as the #1 most wanted

Ayman Al-Zawahri

US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon stated that Al-Qaeda's Ayman El-Zawahiri ‎became the most wanted man on the administration’s list following the assassination of ‎Osama bin Laden.‎
Al-Qaeda leader, bin Laden, believed to be the mastermind of ‎the notorious 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon building, was killed ‎by American Navy Seals a week ago. ‎

El-Zawahiri, a prominent Egyptian Al-Qaeda figure, served as bin Laden’s right-hand man ‎for many years is now presumably leading Al-Qaeda.

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