New confirmed case of bird flu in Egypt, brings number to 23

Ahram Online , Saturday 27 Dec 2014

Out of 23 cases, 10 have died, eight have recovered, and five are currently being treated

A man walks past live chickens on the outskirts of Cairo, December 4, 2014 (Photo: Reuters)

A new case of infection with bird flu (H5N1 virus) has been confirmed by the health ministry in Egypt's Menoufiya governorate Saturday, making the total number of confirmed cases in 2014 reach 23.

The 23rd case is of a 30-year old woman who was admitted to hospital on 24 December, with symptoms of fever, coughing, sore throat and difficulty in breathing.

Out of the 23 cases, 10 have died, eight have been treated, and five are currently undergoing treatment.

The Egyptian health ministry reiterated its calls for people who handle poultry to seek immediate treatment once flu symptoms start to appear, while strictly advising them to cover their noses and mouths when they deal with any kind of domesticated birds.

In Egypt, most cases of bird flu have been identified in rural areas, where villagers tend to raise poultry in their homes, increasing exposure to live or dead infected birds.

Bird flu first appeared in Egypt in 2006.

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