Notoriously violent Egyptian police to get a facelift through human rights courses‎

Ahram Online, Saturday 14 May 2011

Ministry of interior will include new human rights materials in the police academy ‎curriculum, in light of bad record of violence against citizens

Major General Mohamed Fahim, head of the Police Research Centre, says the ministry of interior will include new materials related to human rights in the Police Academy ‎curriculum. ‎    
‎“The ministry of interior’s strategy has to change,” Fahim told a press conference ‎named Facing Lack of Security and held in the journalists’ syndicate building.

“Students in the police academy will study human rights.”‎

A number of policemen are currently tried for allegedly killing peaceful protesters during ‎the January 25 Revolution by using live rounds on them. ‎

For many years ahead of the 18-day revolt, which instigated the overthrow of former ‎president Hosni Mubarak, the ministry of interior routinely covered up torture practiced by ‎the police and security forces.‎

On why the police are still unable to consistently maintain security across the country months after the end of the revolution, ‎Fahim replied: “The ministry lost around 4,000 armoured cars while 90 police stations were ‎torched during the Friday of Rage [early in the revolution, 28 January], which created a security vacuum.‎

‎“The police are primarily trying to secure the touristic and coastal destinations for the time being. Any ‎policeman will be punished should he ease off,”‎ he added

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