Maspero clashes leave 78 injured, some with gunshot wounds

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 May 2011

Yesterday's clashes in front of national media headquarters building, Maspero, have left 78 injured, including gunshot wounds says a ministry of health official

Seventy eight were injured as a result of yesterday’s clashes at Maspero, the media headquarters building, says a health official.

Yesterday at the Coptic demonstration unknown men came to attack protesters with Molotov cocktails, sticks, stones and began firing from the nearby 15 May Bridge.

According to Abdel Hameed Abaza, assistant to the minister of health and housing, most of the injured have already left the hospital, while nine are still getting medical treatment.

Abaza said that injuries include gunshot wounds, burns and broken bones. He added that 15 people were treated in front of Maspero and the rest were transferred to various hospitals.

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