Notorious Egyptian ex-interior minister gets another 15 days in custody

Ahram Online, Monday 16 May 2011

Habib El-Adli, Egypt’s notoriously corrupt and violent interior minister, is interrogated by the corruption committee last night until early today and gets another 15 days in custody

Egypt’s Illicit Gains Authority handed down another 15-day jail sentence to former interior minister, Habib El-Adli during the investigations on corruption charges against him.

He is accused of taking advantage of his ministerial post to amass wealth in illegal and corrupt transactions.

The Illicit Gains Authority began interrogating El-Adly in the late hours last night and continued until the wee hours today. The schedule of the interrogations was kept secret.

Moreover, a criminal court already sentenced El-Adli on 5 May to 12 years in prison on illegal profiteering and money laundering charges.

El-Adli was the first arrested official during the Egyptian January 25 Revolution.

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