Egypt stages 2nd wave of airstrikes after video of IS killings of Copts: AP

AP and Ahram Online, Monday 16 Feb 2015

The airstrikes are in retaliation for the beheadings of a group of Egyptian Christian hostages, shown in an online video released Sunday night

In this screenshot from video broadcasted on Egyptian state television on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, a fighter jet prepares to take off to launch airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Libya (Photo: State TV)

Security officials say Egyptian warplanes have staged a second wave of airstrikes against positions of the Islamic State group in neighboring Libya.

The officials said the warplanes struck on Monday in Darna, a militant stronghold in eastern Libya.

The first wave of airstrikes that took place in the early hours of Monday morning also targeted Darna.

Libya’s Air Force Chief of Staff Saqr Al-Geroushi told Al-Arabiya TV Channel on Monday morning that the Egyptian air strikes took place in coordination with the Libyan Army.

“Our planes joined in the attack on the terrorist hideouts...Egypt and Libya’s war is one and the same,” Al-Geroushi added.

The airstrikes are in retaliation against the militants' beheading of a group of 21 Egyptian Christian hostages.

In Libya, a security official said Darna and its suburbs were rocked by the sound of massive explosions around lunchtime on Monday.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the media.

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