Court revokes Egyptian nationality of Copt living in the US

Ahram Online, Sunday 22 May 2011

An Egyptian-American Copt has had his citizenship revoked for inciting against Egypt and Islam

The administrative court ordered on Sunday the revocation of citizenship of Moris Sadiq, an Egyptian American lawyer.

The case was filed by Al-Moshir Ahmed Ali, Soliman Hamroush and Alaa Alm El-Deen against Sadiq, the former head of the council of ministers and the former minister of interior. Sadiq, who became an American citizen in 1999, is accused of inciting against Egypt and its people and insulting the prophet Mohamed, the Quran and the Azhar.

The court has ruled against Sadiq before but the ruling was suspended by the minister of interior.

Sadiq also had his lawyers’ syndicate membership revoked.

Sadiq is an Egyptian-American lawyer living in the United States and is known for his controversial statements about the status of Copts in Egypt and about Islam. He is a proponent of the establishment of a separate Coptic state, a proposal criticized by the church as a threat to national unity. He is also known for attacking Islam and describing Muslims living in Egypt as Arab invaders.


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