Victims of the revolution demonstrate, demanding state-funded treatment

Ahram Online , Tuesday 24 May 2011

On Monday, those injured by the events of 25 January and the families of the martyrs demonstrated in front of the Cabinet offices, demanding state funding for their treatment among other services

People mourn in front of a shrine for victims of the protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo February 14, 2011. (Photo: Reuters)

Several of those injured during the violent clashes of the January 25 Revolution and some of the martyrs’ families demonstrated on Monday, marching from Omar Makram mosque to the Cabinet offices. The demonstrators demanded that the state cover treatment for those injured during the revolution and that it pay compensations for the families of the deceased.

Egyptian Women for Change and several Youth Coalition members also joined the demonstrators.

The demonstrator’s demands were formulated as follows:

  1. The injured are honoured and are brought into the national dialogue
  2. All officers accused of attacking demonstrators are expelled from the force
  3. A state body be formalised for the help of the revolution’s victims which could assure treatment and prevent businessmen from paying for the treatment of the injured
  4. Paying pensions for those who have been injured or martyred
  5. The rehabilitation of those injured physically and psychologically
  6. Lending credit to the injured to start their own projects
  7. Educational support for university students who lost their eyes during the revolution’s violence
  8. The injured get priority for state employment
  9. The injured are freed from public transportation expenses

The demonstrators chanted, demanding that interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf consider their case and take action. The 26-year-old Yasser Abd El-Fatah who joined the demonstration said that he lost his eye on the 28 January when an officer shot him in the face. He said he had to go through two operations, which were paid for by a charity organisation. A third operation, however, is still needed.

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