Abusive teacher video prompts general prosecutor to order his arrest

Ahram Online, Wednesday 25 May 2011

A video of a teacher in Egypt hitting and rough-handling his very young pupils, one by one, prompts the general prosecutor to order his arrest

The General Prosecutor has ordered the arrest of a primary school teacher who was filmed hitting and insulting his young students one by one.

In the video, which was posted on YouTube, a school teacher in the Egyptian city of Kafr Shukr in the governorate of Gharbiya sits at a desk with young children lined up to turn in their homework. As they reach him and open their notebook, the teacher glances over it and within seconds grabbed the student and hit them with a ruler on different parts of their body and the girls he would pull their hair and hit them.

During the video, the very young students cowered in terror, screaming and crying. There was the sound of laughter, allegedly from person who filmed the video. Three other people were seen in the room.


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