In pictures: Egyptian street dog whose puppies were murdered finds home abroad

Passant Darwish , Tuesday 19 May 2015

Earlier in May, a photo circulated of six puppies brutally murdered and their mother Cleo sitting beside her slain litter in Alexandria

Photo on the left shows Cleo after the murder of her litter. The photo was cut because of graphic content. Photo on the right showing Cleo hugging a teddy bear in Fayek's house. (Photo: Laila Fayek's Facebook)

An Egyptian street dog named Cleopatra, whose six puppies were brutally murdered, flew on Tuesday to the United States where she is expected to stay with her new adopted family.

Earlier in May, a photo circulated on social media of six puppies brutally murdered and their mother Cleo, short for Cleopatra, sitting beside her slain litter in Alexandria’s Roshdy Street.

According to eyewitnesses, a man living on the same street as the dogs hit Cleo’s six puppies with a wooden stick that had nails in it.

Animal rights activists filed a police report against the attacker, who was reportedly questioned by the police. The prosecution is yet to decide whether to take the case to court.

Those who live on the street testified online that Cleo and her litter did not harm anyone and that she is a friendly dog.

Laila Hamdy Fayek with Cleopatra

Following the attack, an Egyptian woman, Laila Fayek took Cleo in and arranged a fundraiser to cover the costs of sending her to an adopted family in the US.

During the time of her stay at Fayek’s house, Cleo had a number of visitors who turned up to show her love. A visitor even gifted Cleo a teddy bear and a cup with “World’s Best Mom” inscribed on it.

This is not the first case of brutality that has gained mass online condemnation.  

Cleo laying in Fayek's home after being rescued from the streets. (Photo: Laila Fayek's facebook)

In late February, a graphic video circulated on social media showing a brown dog leashed to a pole, before three attackers strike it with machetes and sticks until it died.

The dog, named Max, was killed in Qalioubiya governorate's Shubra El-Khayma district as part of a deal with its owner to settle the score after it bit several men in a fight, including one of the three attackers appearing in the video.

A court sentenced three attackers along with the dog owner to three years in prison. However, an appeal court reduced the sentence to three months for the attackers. The dog owner, currently at large, was still sentenced to three years following the appeal.

Cleo in Laila Fayek's home (Photo: Laila Fayek's Facebook)

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