Islamic authority says selling unregistered mobile SIM cards is prohibited

Ahram Online , Wednesday 20 May 2015

A top religious body says unidentified mobile lines can be used in terrorist attacks, and hence must be prohibited

More users than Egyptians by 2013? (Photo: Reuters)

One of Egypt's top Islamic authorities said Wednesday that selling and activating non-registered mobile SIM cards, which could be used by terrorists, is "forbidden" in Islam.

Egypt has been rocked by militant violence since the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi after his one year in office and an ensuing crackdown on his suppoerters. Deadly bombings and shootings, mainly targeting security forces, have become commonplace since.

The militants sometimes use improvised bombs that can be remotely detonated through mobile phones.

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta, which is in charge of issuing religious edicts (fatwas), said Wednesday that prohibiting such sales is aimed at "maintaining security" and averting the use of these lines in "crimes, explosions, terrorist acts and murder." 

The religious authority added in a statement carried by state news agency MENA that anyone contributing to using unidentified lines would be deemed "participating in crimes and evils carried out under the cover of unknown or false data."

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