Egypt criticises anti-Sisi comments from German parliament president

Ahram Online , Friday 22 May 2015

The president of the German parliament told the broadcaster Deutsche Welle that he doesn't know what the head of an elected parliament has to talk about with the 'undemocratic' Sisi

Bundestag President Norbert Lammert (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's State Information Service criticised statements from the president of the German parliament who told international broadcaster Deutsche Welle that he doesn’t know what the head of an elected parliament has to talk about with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.  

In his Wednesday interview with Deutsche Welle, Norbert Lammert was quoted as saying that "In light of these circumstances, I don't know what the president of an elected parliament and the president of a country that is regrettably not led democratically have to talk about."

Lammert's statements came following a letter he sent on Tuesday to the Egyptian ambassador in which he said that he has cancelled a meeting with Sisi planned to be held in June, citing human rights abuses, postponement of parliamentary elections, lack of democratic developments and mass death sentences in Egypt.

Lammert told Deutsche Welle in Berlin that he would have wished in advance of the visit to see "a clear signal of the willingness and determination for democratic advancement" from Cairo.

Egypt’s State Information Service replied by saying all court rulings concerning the banned Muslim Brotherhood are made after fair trials and arrests which are based upon concrete charges.

The Egyptian service also strongly denied the fact that there are more than 40,000 political prisoners in the country, a figure often cited by human rights organisations.

"There is no evidence on the accuracy of the figures that the president of the German Parliament has taken from organisations that are known to be biased and inaccurate," the statement read.   

The statement also criticised Lammert's comments concerning Egyptian presidential elections that brought El-Sisi to office, while stressing on the fairness and transparency of the elections, as well as the participation of many supervisory bodies during the election process.

The Egyptian foreign ministry welcomed on Friday German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation of El-Sisi to her country, which is scheduled to take place on three and four June.

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