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Remnants of Second Day of Rage linger in Tahrir

After camping for their first night, a handful of die-hard demonstrators resume protesting in Tahrir Square

Mohamed El-Hebeishy, Saturday 28 May 2011
Tahrir Square on the morning of May 28th – Photo by Mohamed El Hebeishy
Tahrir Square on the morning of May 28th – Photo by Mohamed El Hebeishy

Some 300 to 500 demonstrators opted to spend the night in Tahrir Square last night, despite several attempts by other demonstrators to talk them out of it. This morning, they resumed their protest by organising a small demonstration underlining the demands of Egypt’s Second Day of Rage.

The 27 May demonstrations, described ahead of Friday as a call for a "second revolution", saw hundreds of thousands of Egyptians gather despite the lack of police or military presence in Tahrir Square. The list of demands of the day included, among others, the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister Yehia El-Gamal, the drafting of a new constitution, speeding up Mubarak’s trial, and putting an end to military trials for civilians.

Police returned to the square this morning.

Egypt Second Day of Rage officially came to an end at around 6pm; nevertheless, thousands of Egyptians continued the demonstration into evening, in a festive mood. During the late evening, popular committees, who took the responsibility of securing Tahrir Square, lifted their barricades, opening the square to traffic.

A little after midnight, the crowd started to disperse, though a couple of hundred stayed to stage a sit-in. They used banners and placards to erect a mini makeshift camp in the square’s main central garden. The sit-in largely passed uneventfully.

The question so far unanswered is whether there will be another million man demonstration next Friday. Egypt and its military rulers will know in the coming days.

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