Egypt says annual US human rights report 'lacks accuracy'

Ahram Online , Friday 26 Jun 2015

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry labelled the US Department of States report as an interference into Egypt's internal affairs

Sameh Shoukry
Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry (Photo: Reuters)

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry hit back at the US Department of State's annual report concerning the human rights situation in Egypt 2014, saying the report is unbalanced and shows inadequate information.

"The information obtained in the report was based on non-governmental organisations that lack accuracy and credibility," the statement read.

The US State Department report was divided into seven main sections in which it tackled the most significant human rights problems based on accounts from local media reports, the Forensic Medicine Authority, Amnesty International and other local and international NGOs.

"The most significant human rights problems were the excessive use of force by security forces, including unlawful killings and torture, the suppression of civil liberties, including societal and government restrictions on freedoms of expression and the press and the freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and limitations on due process in trials," the executive summary of the report read.

The foreign ministry said "that although the report tried to shed light on some positive aspects, it did not give adequate space to review the efforts made by the Egyptian government to improve the human rights situation, labour conditions, the advancement of women and the fight against corruption."

The Egyptian foreign ministry also condemned the report for using the term "mass trials", stressing the independence of the Egyptian judiciary.

"Limitations on due process included the use of mass trials in which evidence was not presented on an individual basis, a new law that expanded the jurisdiction of military courts to try civilians, and the increased use of pre-trial detention," the US State Department annual report read.

The Egyptian foreign ministry dubbed the report as an interference in Egyptian internal affairs.   

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