MB Supreme Guide asks Egypt's political forces to respect opinion of majority

Ahram Online, Thursday 2 Jun 2011

Mohamed Badie says the Egyptian people are ready for democracy but that popular decisions already made should not be questioned

The Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie, has rejected the idea of one faction in society behaving as guardians of the Egyptian people.

Badie said that the Egyptian people are not immature and do not need a guardian who controls them until they come of age. This, says Badie, was the attitude that the old regime used to take by acting like the Egyptians are incapable of understanding politics and do not know what is good for them.

Badie also asked that Egypt’s political forces respect the values of democracy which stipulates one should respect the opinion of the majority.

He added that the minority has no right to discuss a subject that has already been chosen by the majority, referring to the 19 March referendum where 77 per cent of voters said Yes to the constitutional amendments.

“We will call the leaders and tell them to lead and say this is the path and this is the people, and say come on walk with the blessings of God,” says Badie.

“We have the morals and values of Islam. We will not lead you when you lead or disagree with you if you are right, but you have to work as hard as you can, and if you do then so be it. Otherwise then you would have betrayed your responsibility as leaders.”

Badie added that democracy has rules that should be respected and that the minority should not fight a decision made by the majority, or discuss an issue that has already been previously debated. He said that everyone has the right to defend their rights but asked people to express their opinions before a decision has been made and respect the views of others.

Badie also asked Egypt’s political forces to unite and put their differences aside for the sake of Egypt.

“When we went to Tahrir Square on January 25th we had goals that we all agreed on and God gave us victory,” says Badie.

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