Revolutionary 10-year-old allowed back to his school in Kuwait

Ahram Online, Saturday 4 Jun 2011

Little Bassem, the Egyptian 10-year-old student who was expelled for innocently asking his teacher why Kuwait hadn't had a revolution, is allowed back in school by Kuwait’s minister of education

An Egyptian boy
An Egyptian boy poses with a sign in front of anti-government protesters in Tahrir Square, the center of anti-government demonstrations, in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011.(AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)

Kuwait’s minister of education decided to revert the expulsion of Bassem, a ten-year-old ‎Egyptian student residing and attending elementary school in Kuwait. Little Bassem was expelled from school for asking his teacher “Why didn’t ‎you have a revolution in your country?”‎
The child’s father, a professor at Kuwait University, was shocked to hear the news of his ‎son’s expulsion and the reason behind it. After receiving the news from his son, ‎Bassem’s father went to the school to hear it for himself. The administration replied that ‎he was expelled because he was “inciting a revolution in Kuwait.”‎

The father told the Kuwaiti Al-Ra’y newspaper that he had done all he could to convince ‎the school to change the decision and that his son does not even understand the meaning ‎of the word “revolution” and that he only picked it up from media channels, but to no avail.‎

After failing to convince the school, Bassem’s father went up the ranks, all the way to Minister of Education Ahmed El-Melify, where got a “no” to his appeal at each stop.

The minister of education has since relented and allowed Bassem to return to school and take his ‎exam on Sunday.‎

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