Egypt's Doctors Syndicate asks for arrest powers in medical violations

Karim Abdel Kodos , Tuesday 28 Jul 2015

The request by the doctor's syndicate follows right of arrest powers being granted to the engineers syndicate earlier in the month

The Egyptian Doctor's Syndicate requested from the Minister of Justice to be granted the right of arrest powers to face any illegal medical actions, a statement read on Monday. 

After the Egyptian Engineer's Syndicate was granted the same right earlier in July, the doctors' syndicate requested the same powers arguing that it would help them control illegal medical actions in hospitals and clinics and to prevent non-doctors from practice. 

Lawyer and constitutional law expert Essam El-Eslamboly told Ahram Online that such right of arrest powers make it easier for syndicates and specialised institutes to report any illegal actions by directly referring the case to the general prosecution.

Spokesman of the doctor's syndicate Hossam Kamal told Ahram Online that right of arrest powers gives the syndicate the authority to suspend any medical facility in case of violations.

“This way, we can lessen the number of affected patients that may be victims of these dubious places, especially that the medical field is very sensitive to any violations,” Kamal added.  

However, Sameh Samir, a lawyer at the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights, told Ahram Online that most people in the syndicates do not have a legal background, which may lead to abuse of the powers.

Though Kamal eased that fear by saying that the prosecutor's investigation would be the decisive factor.

Right of arrest powers are meant to be given to the board of the syndicate and the chiefs of sub-syndicates.


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