DHL prints slogans promoting Egypt on 180 million boxes

Hana Afifi , Tuesday 4 Aug 2015

The campaign aims at attracting investments, trade, and tourists to the country

DHL campaign
Photo credit: DHL

DHL Express launched a campaign in cooperation with the ministries of Investment, Trade, and Tourism to promote Egypt by printing "Invest in Egypt," "Support businesses in Egypt," and "Visit Egypt" on around 180 million boxes that will be circulated globally in the coming year.

The campaign will promote Egypt by printing three messages on DHL's packages for the next 12 months: "Invest in Egypt," "Trade in Egypt," and "Visit Egypt," accompanied by images of Egyptian touristic and historic sites.

“Egypt is an important market; it has a strategic geographical advantage in addition to its natural and human resources, which together boosts its potential for growth and development. Our aim is to help make investors recognize this potential as we prepare to focus our efforts on making Egypt our gateway to Africa,” said Ahmed Elfangary, DHL Express Egypt's Country manager, at a press conference Monday.

The ministries of investment, trade, and tourism will have the links to their websites printed with the slogans.

Khaled Negm, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, attended the press conference and said the ministry supports all efforts to promote the return of tourism, trade and investment to Egypt.

Ambassador Yasser El-Naggar, Principal Deputy Minister of Investment said, “We are delighted with these efforts that reflect the support of the private sector and its important role as a key liaison in communicating the government’s vision to the global and regional business community."

The DHL initiative was first announced at the Egyptian Economic Development Conference that took place in March in Sharm El-Sheikh, as the company was the official logistics provider for the conference.

DHL Express provides transportation services for documents and goods in over 220 countries and territories.

The company is part of the postal and logistics Group Deutsche Post DHL, which generated revenues of more than 56 billion euros in 2014.

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