Egypt's interior minister denies giving Mubarak special treatment

Ahram Online, Sunday 5 Jun 2011

Interior Minister El-Eissawi denies that Egypt's interim ‎government is dragging its feet to transfer ousted president Hosni Mubarak to Tora Prison

Mansour El-Essawy
Minister of Interior Mansour El-Essawy ‎

Minister of Interior Mansour El-Eissawi downallegations that the interim ‎government does not want to transfer ousted president Hosni Mubarak to Tora Prison, ‎saying only his deteriorating health condition is keeping him in Sharm El-Sheikh. ‎
Mubarak, 83, is remanded in police custody on charges of illicit profiteering and ordering ‎the killing of peaceful protesters during the January 25 Revolution.‎

Many of those in his oligarchy accused of similar charges have been incarcerated in Tora Prison pending ‎investigations. ‎ ‎

Mubarak’s “critical” health condition is the only reason he did not catch up with the ‎former regime figures in jail, insists El-Eissawi. ‎

‎“When a decision is made by the general prosecutor to transfer the former president, the ‎ministry will take the necessary steps to transfer him right away,” El-Eissawi said in ‎the international forum “The Directions of ‎the Democratic Transformation, International ‎Experiences and Learned Lessons,” in‎ Cairo.‎

‎“The situation is completely different after the January 25 Revolution: people ‎are enjoying freedom and democracy that they have never enjoyed before.”‎

Late last month the general prosecution said Mubarak will remain in Sharm El-Sheikh ‎International Hospital as his life will be jeopardised should he be transferred to the Tora ‎Prison hospital.‎
A medical committee consisting of six doctors, including four cardiologists, confirmed ‎that the ex-commander-in-chief mustn’t be moved from Sharm El-Sheikh due to ‎multiple health problems - not to mention severe depression.‎

The committee added that Tora Prison’s hospital is “not currently equipped to host a patient ‎in critical condition.”‎

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