Egypt gas export to Israel resumes

Ahram Online, Wednesday 8 Jun 2011

An official tells Ahram Online the bombed gas pipelines are fixed and flowing to Israel and Jordan, but meetings are underway to increase prices of Egypt's gas exports to match market prices

An official from the Egypt Gas Holding Company told Ahram Online Wednesday that gas is being pumped again from Egypt to Israel and Jordan after the pipelines were fixed.

The pipelines have been bombed three times since the revolution. Conspiracy theorists say it was on the part of the government to foul up the revolution, while others say the bombings were a protest to sale of gas at way below market value to a country not in public favour: Israel.

The source told Ahram Online that although the gas is flowing to Israel and Jordan it does not imply that the export of gas will continue at the same, deeply discounted prices. He said that a meeting will take place in a few hours with officials of the East Mediterranean Company, who exports the gas to Israel, with the aim to tie the price of gas exports to international prices.

The official added that an Egyptian delegation is currently in Jordan to discuss potentially changing the price of Egyptian exported gas there, so that it does not favour any country or company.

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