MB's leader talks of God's role in Egyptian history

Ahram Online, Thursday 9 Jun 2011

During his weekly sermon, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood perceives the political and military fate of Egypt as dependent on the state's treatment of the group's members

Mohammed Badie
The Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie (Photo: AP)

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie alleges that Egypt’s defeat at the hands of Israel in the 1956 and 1967 wars as well as the fall of ousted president Hosni Mubarak were all a result of God's wrath due to the mistreatment of Brotherhood members.

He added that president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s arrests of MB members in 1954 led to the 1956 defeat, and a series of detainments in 1965 also led to the 1967 defeat. Similarly, Mubarak’s imprisonment of Brotherhood members led to the January 25 Revolution and his consequent fall.

Badie pontificated in last week’s sermon, tailored to commemorate the defeat of Egyptian forces by Israel on 5 June 1967, that the Brotherhood were the first to speak up against injustices in Egypt and suffered many years of torture and incarceration as a result.

“But God has made it possible for the Brotherhood to open their new headquarters in the Muqattam area, where many of the martyrs who died in military prisons were buried,” Badie declared.

Furthermore, the group’s leader asserted that the1967 defeat was an event that shocked the Arab world regardless of attempts by many Egyptian politicians to justify the defeat by saying that it was just a battle and not a war. The majority of Arabs refuse to believe this maintains Badie who dubbed the defeat as a “shameful” event which destroyed the dignity of generations of Arabs and will remain in the history books forever.

Badie also slammed all the politicians who insisted that the 1967 war was actually a victory and not a defeat. He stated that the environment of repression, lack of freedom and dictatorship that ruled Egypt at the time were indicators, heralding the defeat that was soon to hit the country. This level of corruption, says Badie, has planted fear, hypocrisy and passivity in the nation.

He added that all dictators care about is maintaining their hold on power and would stop at nothing until the country has been destroyed or occupied by foreign forces.

Badie also attacked the Free Officers movement who orchestrated the 1952 Revolution, saying that when the revolution took place, they promised freedom, democracy and justice but instead, repressed people and slaughtered democracy.

“But now the dawn has finally come,” says Badie. “The Intifida of the Arab nations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria has led to the downfall of corruption and tyranny by citizens who are marching towards justice and freedom. Now dictators and pharaohs are falling like puppets.”

The Arabs have finally woken up from their coma, added Badie, and now the fruits of the Egyptian revolution are already being revealed with the reconciliation between the Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas and the opening of the Rafah border crossing.

He concluded by saying that the policies now adopted by Egypt are focused on improving the lives of the people, and from now on, the US and Israel will not be able to interfere in internal decisions.

“Victory is coming God willing there is not doubt about that,” says Badie. “And the return of Palestine, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and all the lands occupied by Israel is no longer a dream but a hope that will become a reality soon. Now after the people have revolted, the era of Israeli superiority has come to an end and now Israel is doubting that it will be able to continue existing.”

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