Friday prayers less crowded in Tahrir Square, sermon remains political

Ahram Online, Friday 10 Jun 2011

A reduced number of political forces attend Friday prayers in Tahrir Square

Friday’s prayers
An archive picture of Friday’s prayers in Tahrir Square

The number of political forces and pro-revolution demonstrators attending Friday’s prayers in Tahrir Square notably decreased today because of the heat (temperature in the sun reaching 46' C), but the sermon touched on ongoing political issues, like every weekend in the epicentre of the revolution.
Scholar Gamil Allam, who gave the speech, stressed that toppled president Hosni Mubarak should be transferred to a military-run hospital under heavy security.

Mubarak, who was deposed on 11 February after an 18-day uprising and is currently remanded in police custody at Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital, is accused of ordering the killing of peaceful protesters and accumulating illegal profits for years.

His family members and many of the ousted regime’s figures are facing similar charges. Most of the numerous defendants are awaiting trial in Tora Prison.

“The Islamic doctrine stresses on the importance of justice and equality as well as retribution for killing,” said Allam.

“The 19 youths who were murdered by the ministry of interior’s bullets during the era of former minister Habib El-Adly are martyrs,” he added.

Egyptian revolutionary youth held a funeral service Thursday for the 19 bodies, whose respective identities are yet to be uncovered.

Magda Hilal, vice head of Egypt's forensic medical authority, says 17 of them were escaped convicts.

Allam refused to refer to the 19 young men as “unidentified”, describing them as “good martyrs who are known for their blood that was spilled on the ground of Tahrir Square.”

The trial of Mubarak and both of his sons, Alaa and Gamal, is to scheduled to begin on 3 August.

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