Prosecutor general refers 20 involved in sectarian clashes to emergency criminal court

MENA, Tuesday 14 Jun 2011

The 20 accused of inciting sectarian strife after houses were burned and shots fired in Beni Suef, Egypt, are to be tried in emergency criminal court

The prosecutor general referred on Monday the 20 accused in the April sectarian clashes in Abu Qurqas village in Beni Suef to try their cases in the high, emergency criminal court.

The village witnessed in April violent clashes between Muslim and Christians, including fire arms and live ammunition.

The 20 are accused of congregating (which is illegal under emergency laws that have been in place for decades), intentional murder and inciting sectarian strife.

The deputy prosecutor general said on Monday that the fight was triggered by a car crash that resulted in a scuffle between a group of Muslims and a group of Christians, which then snowballed into a sectarian fight after those involved burned several village houses.

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