Call for civil family law and divorce rights for Egypt's Christians

Ahram Online, Saturday 18 Jun 2011

A demonstration is being planned for 7 July to demand that Egypt's Christians be covered by civil family law, so they can divorce and remarry without the permission of the Church

An event created on Facebook is calling for a demonstration to take place on 7 July to demand a civil family law for Egypt’s Christians.

The demonstration aims at changing the status of Christians in order to be governed by a civil law instead of church law when dealing with matters of marriage and divorce.

The event states: “We are a group of Christians claiming our rights to divorce and civil marriage with all due respect to the Pope and his followers. Our call comes after the Pope, more than once in his sermons, had said that whoever wanted civil divorce and marriage, outside the walls of the church, was free to do just that.”

The demonstration is to take place in front of the Ministry of Justice.

A number Copts have campaigned for the right to divorce. There have also been cases when Christians converted to Islam only to be able to divorce or remarry.

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