Egyptian Salafi leader calls for postponement of million person pro-Sharia demonstration

Ahram Online , Monday 20 Jun 2011

Salafist Sheikh Yasser Berhami objects to staging million person Tahrir demonstrations as a way for self expression, while upholding his belief in the necessity of Sharia Law

Egyptian Salafist leader Sheikh Yasser Berhami requested that the demonstration planned for 1 July in Tahrir Square, demanding the application of the Sharia (Islamic Jursidiction), be postponed. Berhani said in a statement that, although he upholds the demand, he objects to the rallying method.

He added that the increase in the number of ‘million person’ demonstrations has bored many people and that he is concerned that their increase will affect the country’s stability.

Berhami said he fears arguments that claim that such demonstrations express the nation’s point of view. He further stated that the ‘seculars’ and the ‘liberals’ are trying to circumvent the will of the nation – to write a constitution reflecting its Islamic identity – through staging such million person demonstrations. These forces, according to Berhami, demand that the new constitution be drafted before the elections so that they can affect the makeup of the constitutional committee. 

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