MB youths defy senior members by establishing new party

Ahram Online, Wednesday 22 Jun 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood youth party will flout the requisite adherence to the Freedom and Justice Party

MB party

El-Tayar El-Masri (Egyptian Current) is the name of a new party being established by the youths of the Muslim Brotherhood. The party's formation is in defiance of a previous MB stipulation that its members may only join El-Horreya We El-Adala (the Freedom and Justice Party).

The MB, who had recently founded El-Horreya We El-Adala to become politically involved, stressed that any member who joins another party will be expelled immediately. 
Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood youths, Islam Lotfi, Mohamed El-Kasaas and Mohamed Abbas are among the founding member of El-Tayar El-Masri.

The trio are also part of the Revolution Youth Coalition. They have also refused in the past to follow the MB’s order to withdraw from the Coalition.

El-Tayar El-Masri is being introduced as a democratic party with an Islamic frame of reference that favours secularism in government.

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