Egypt's former minsiter of interior trial postponed, families of martyrs clash with security forces

Ahram Online, Sunday 26 Jun 2011

Delay in trial for Habib El-Adly accused of ordering the killing of protesters is met by outrage by victims' families

Adly trail
Photo: Reuters

The trial of former Minister of Interior Habib El Adly and six of his assistants has been postponed until 25 July, a decision prompting angry families of the martyrs to throw stones at policemen who were securing the court.

Hundreds of protesters, mainly families of those killed during the January 25 Revolution, stood in front of New Cairo Court in the 5th Tagammu where the trial was taking place. The protesters were angry that they were not allowed to attend the session and outraged when the trial was adjourned.

Lawyers demanded judge Adel Gomaa step down while families outside the court chanted "we haven't forgotten Tahrir" and "blood for blood".

The suspects were led into the court through heavy security and their names were called to assure the martyrs' families that they were indeed inside the court and standing behind the bars reserved for suspects.

El Adly and his assistants are accused of ordering the firing of live ammunition at protesters during the revolution. On 5 May, El Adly was sentenced to 12 years in prison for profiteering.

As soon as the trial was adjourned some families and activists started marching towards the TV building at Maspero where another sit-in for the homeless and families of martyrs is continuing. Police cordoned the area, closing all streets leading to the state TV headquarters.

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