National Consensus says get rid of national papers; cancel gas agreement with Israel

Ahram Online, Sunday 26 Jun 2011

Rein in corrupt media and criminalize gas sales to Israel, says Sheikh Youssef El Badry

The Armed Forces Committee in the National Consensus Conference suggested that Egypt get rid of all national papers, with the exception of Al Ahram and Al Akhbar publications.

They also discussed “the spread of frivolous satellite channels” in Egypt and asked the government to get rid of all of the broadcasts by the Egyptian Radio and TV Union except channels one and two.

Sheikh Youssef El Badry, a member of the committee, said that corruption has become rampant in Egyptian media and now aims only to entertain, rather than honestly represent the daily life of citizens.

The committee also asked that the gas export agreement between Egypt and Israel be cancelled. Committee member Maher Hashem said that this year Egypt exported 66 per cent of the country’s reserves to Israel, and explained his belief that those who agreed to sell Egypt’s gas to Israel should be put on trial.

“It would be easy to put new terms in the gas export agreement to Israel to force them to withdraw,” Hashem said, adding that he doesn’t mind if the cancellation of the agreement means a war with Israel.

The National Consensus is a conference led by the deputy prime minister, Yeyha El-Gamal, focusing on discussing the obstacles Egypt faces in the interim period.

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