Amr Moussa will not pardon Mubarak if elected president

Ahram Online , Monday 27 Jun 2011

Presidency hopeful Amr Moussa takes his campaign to Alexandria, speaking with businessmen about his belief in a presidency system and in the state's ownership of certain economic and social institutions

Amr Moussa.
Former Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa (Photo: Reuters)

During a meeting with the Alexandria Business Association at the Four Seasons hotel in Alexandria yesterday, presidency hopeful Amr Moussa announced that he would not pardon ousted president Hosni Mubarak if he were to be elected president of Egypt.

Moussa stated that a decree to pardon Mubarak could not be issued in a democratic country that has just been liberated from corruption and dictatorship by a great revolution like the January 25 Revolution, hinting that the demands to pardon Mubarak would not hold up in a state of law.

The potential presidency candidate made it clear that he would reside in office for one term in which he would establish the fundamentals, democracy and the state of law, upon which the Egyptian state would be based.

Moussa warned that currently the presidency system suits Egypt best, saying that, “The parliamentary system will not work in Egypt because parties rule in this system based on majority.”

He hinted that partisan life in Egypt was still forming and that no party could acquire the necessary majority in Parliament to form a government except the Muslim Brotherhood group at the current time.

Moussa told Alexandria’s businessmen that he believed in a free balanced economy based on social justice. He also assured that he was not against the state’s ownership of certain important and vital economic and social institutions.

Amr Moussa was visiting Alexandria as part of his presidency campaign tour in the country where yesterday he met religious leaders and toured one of Alexandria’s streets where he sat in a cafe and spoke with the citizens.

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