Wafd liberal party approves ElBaradei's Bill of Rights

Ahram Online, Thursday 30 Jun 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei’s proposed Bill of Rights has been accepted by the Wafd Party, the party announced in a press conference yesterday

Leader of Wafd Party El Sayed Badawy said Mohamed ElBaradei’s proposed Bill of Rights may even be combined with the Democratic Coalition for Egypt document which was formulated and approved by 18 liberal parties.

The announcement came during a press conference held after a visit by ElBaradei to the headquarters of the Wafd Party in Cairo.

ElBaradei stressed during the conference that Egypt is now going through a rough patch and that Egyptians should put competition aside and cooperate for the sake of the country.

He added that he also agreed with El-Badawy that Egyptian politicians should enter the upcoming elections with a unified candidate list and that proportional voting lists should be used to insure that the first post-Mubarak parliament is representative of everyone in the country.

ElBaradei said his two hour meeting with El-Badawy focused heavily on the Bill of Rights and everyone agreed that Egyptians have basic rights that should never be questioned. These rights, ElBaradei pointed out, should be agreed on by all factions of society, because Egyptians needs to be in harmony after years of repression.

El-Badawy said that he and El Baradei agreed on almost everything especially that the Bill of Rights should become the core of the new constitution that will be drafted by the newly elected parliament at the end of the year.

He added that the new constitution will be drafted by the parliament and therefore should not be limited to one group, adding that all political groups should work together to make Egypt a leading democratic country in the region.

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