Different names for one Friday protest: Egypt's youth movements call for demonstrations

Zeinab El Gundy, Thursday 30 Jun 2011

A number of political groups and movements in Egypt are calling for a protest Friday at Tahrir square in solidarity with the martyrs' families

Tahrir Square
Protesters run away from tear gas in Tahrir Square in Cairo June 29, 2011 (Photo: Reuters)

A number of political groups and movements have reacted to the clashes at Tahrir Square in the past two days between protesters and security forces by calling for another Tahrir protest on Friday. Each group gave different names for the upcoming demonstrations at Tahrir, but almost all demands were identical.  They called for justice for the martyrs and their families, as well as an investigation into the events of the past 48 hours at Tahrir Square.

Revolution Youth Coalition called citizens to "Retribution Friday" next Friday, 1 July at Tahrir Square to unite around the set of demands published on its official Facebook page.

In its statement, the coalition demanded the immediate suspension of all ministry of interior leaders involved in corruption and repression, as well as the immediate suspension of police officers involved in torturing, injuring and killing protesters until investigations are completed.

Other demands include tracking down and bringing to trial snipers involved in protester fatalities along with public trials for El-Adly and other ministry of interior leaders. They added that families of the martyrs must be granted the right to attend any such trials.

The coalition asked the Egyptian people to unite around these demands and to ignore demands that split the unity of the revolution.

April 6th Youth Movement also called on Egyptians to join them at Tahrir Square tomorrow for “ministry of interior purification Friday.”

The movement announced their demands for this Friday’s protest on the official Facebook event page. They are as follows: An apology from Minister Mansour Eissawy for the events of 28 June along with suspension for all those involved in the events. Also purifying the ministry of interior from all the men of Habib El-Adly, restructuring the ministry and presenting to trial all officers involved in the shooting of protesters and the insecure status Egypt currently suffers from.

The “Supreme Board of Revolution Youth" called for "honouring the martyr's right Friday" in their statement. The board includes 36 movements and coalitions condemning the attack of the security forces on the martyrs' families over the past two days.

The board includes the revolution's youth union, Maspero Youth Union and the Free Front for Peaceful Change.

“The Second Egyptian Rage Revolution” called on its Facebook page for an open sit-in at Tahrir Square starting from 29 June.

Freedom and Justice party of the Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement today condemning the violence of the security forces against the martyrs' families whose demands should be fulfilled. The group has so far not officially commented on tomorrow's impending protests.

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