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A cleric in Tahrir calls on policemen to keep out

Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen calls on ‎police forces to keep out of Tahrir Square

Ahram Online, Friday 1 Jul 2011
Friday’s prayers
Friday’s prayers in Tahrir Square

Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen, who gave the Friday prayers’ sermon in Tahrir Square today, demanded that ‎police forces should never set foot in the epicentre of the Revolution and called on protesters to ‎organise traffic themselves.‎On “Retribution Friday” as the day has been called, Shaheen condemned “violations by the police ‎in Tahrir Square after the January 25 Revolution”, referring to the bloody clashes that ‎took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. ‎

Together with demonstrators and political forces taking part in the protest, Shaheen ‎demanded swift trials for those responsible for the killing of protesters, especially ‎ousted President Hosni Mubarak and ex-Minister of Interior Habib El-Adly.‎‎“The Egyptian people will only live in freedom, with dignity and pride,” he said. ‎‎“We are all ready to be martyred for the sake of the ‎Revolution’s demands.”‎Shaheen also called on political forces to unite and put their differences aside for the ‎time being in order to prevent ‎“attempts to ruin the revolution”.‎

Protesters throughout Tahrir Square are now in the thousands, holding various placards ‎and banners, some demanding the resignation of Minister of Interior ‎Mansour El-Essawi, others calling for the resignation of the prosecutor general for his “inability to ‎achieve swift justice”, and others still denouncing Field Marshal and de-facto president Hussein ‎Tantawi, accusing him of corruption.‎

‎With Tantawi frequently targeted over the last few ‎days in Tahrir, the mass protest is still on up to press time.

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