National Council reveals proposed base for Egypt's new constitution

Ahram Online, Saturday 2 Jul 2011

Big steps for Egypt's new constitution will be announced today, Saturday, including the criteria for sitting on the constitutional drafting committee and the nature of the constitution

The National Council is to hold a press conference on Saturday at the press syndicate to announce its proposal for Egypt’s constitutional principles and the criteria for forming a constitution committee to draft Egypt's new constitution.

The National Council is comprised of representatives of different parties, movements, organisations, syndicates and nonprofit or nongovernmental organisations, including 124 representatives and more than a hundred public figures.

The Muslim Brotherhood, however, boycotted the council and is therefore not represented.

The speakers at the press conference will be Mamdouh Hamza, the official spokesperson, Tahani El-Gebali, deputy president of the high constitutional court and Mohamed Nour Farahat, professor of international law.

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