Foreign minister: Gulf security won't be harmed by Egypt-Iran ties

Ahram Online, Sunday 3 Jul 2011

Foreign Minister Mohamed El-Orabi says Arab Gulf countries have nothing to fear about normalised relations between Egypt and Iran

Egypt’s new foreign minister, Mohamed El-Orabi, has affirmed that the Arab Gulf’s security is important to Egypt and that closer ties with Iran will not come at the expense of Gulf countries, where he will be touring soon.

He added that while the Egyptian revolution changed a lot in the region, he believed that the region’s stability and its unity are paramount, and that the surrounding Arab countries want Egypt to regain its strength economically.

Regarding Egypt’s export of gas to Israel, El-Orabi said that the file will be reopened, but later, after ministry adjusts, which he said should not take long. He added that energy resources are a strategic strength to Egypt and should be wisely used, politically and economically, while taking the country’s national interest into account.

While the US is the strongest power on the scene, El-Orabi said, Egypt is the biggest country in the region and holds a lot influence. Therefore, talks will be ongoing between the two countries. He added that the US plan to support Egypt economically will be ready soon and will develop the two countries’ relations, which will be based on equality and mutual interest.

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