Amr Moussa supports 'Persistence Friday' demonstration

Ahram Online, Wednesday 6 Jul 2011

The former secretary-general of the Arab League verbalises his support for the 8 July demonstrations and criticises slow pace of justice

Presidency hopeful Amr Moussa said Wednesday that he supports the demonstrations planned for 8 July, dubbed 'Persistence Friday'. He also warned the revolutionaries to steer clear of divisions.

Moussa criticised the slow trial process of those responsible for the killing of demonstrators; this, he added, includes both those who gave the orders and not only those carried them out. He added that slow justice is unjust.

He said that compensations for the families of the martyrs is a right not a charitable option, even though what they have lost can never be eased through compensation. The veteran politician also insisted that the trials should be more transparent. 

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