Families from Manshiyat Nasr threaten to cut Kasr El-Aini Street again ‎

Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 7 Jul 2011

Families from Manshiyat Nasr have given an ultimatum to the government to solve their housing problems or face having Kasr El-Aini Street in Downtown Cairo cut by a sit-in

Families from Manshiyat Nasr area are threatening to cut Kasr El-Aini Street, one of the main arteries of Cairo, which also passes by the parliament, if ‎the government does not solve their housing problems.

Not less than 180 families held a sit-in at the cabinet headquarters in Cairo from yesterday, objecting to not receiving new ‎houses.‎ The families stated that they had enough of official promises, whether from Cairo ‎governorate, the cabinet, or the Ministry of Local Development. 

The families complained ‎that the assistant secretary of the Cairo governor told them that the Suzanne Mubarak ‎Housing Project was owned by the Ministry of Housing and not the governorate, and that ‎they can’t get units in the project despite some families from Duweiqa already ‎receiving units there this week.

The governorate currently has units in Othman Housing ‎Project on Al-Wahat highway, but the families reject these units as they lack basic ‎services and facilities while the project is located far away from their jobs. ‎

The families managed cut Kasr El-Aini street last night, though army officers managed to reopen it. Despite a mass protest planned for Tahrir Square tomorrow, the families are ‎renewing their threat today to stop traffic on the vital Downtown street. ‎

The families have refused to stay at Orascom Haram City as the units they were given ‎were too small for a family with an average of five persons. The Cairo governorate ‎provided those units to the families after the Duweqia rockslide in September 2008. 

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