Hundreds of protesters rally in Damietta

Ahram Online, Friday 8 Jul 2011

Hundreds rally in Freedom square and march in the streets of the Delta governorate

Hundreds rally in Freedom square and march in the streets of the Delta governorate of Damietta on Friday, calling for the fulfillment of the 25 January revolution’s as yet unmet demands.
The protesters include varied political forces, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nasserist Party, El-Wafd Party and the 6th of April youth movement.

Some of the demonstrators chanted: “Our demands are the same,” and “The interior [ministry] are thugs,” among other anti-establishment slogans.

They also blamed field marshal and de-facto ruler Hussein Tantawi for “not taking serious action against policemen and officials implicated in the killing of the revolution’s martyrs”.

“You [Tantawi] would have been in Tahrir square if your son had been one of the murdered protesters,” the demonstrators repeated.

Friday saw a multitude of protests across the nation; Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are witnessing some of the largest demonstrations since the 18 day uprising as part of what has been named “Determination Friday”.

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