Alexandria prosecution orders the arrest of police officers accused of torturing El-Sayed Belal to death

Ahram Online, Saturday 9 Jul 2011

Police officers arrested in another Alexandria torture case of El-Sayed Belal

El-Sayed Belal
Two pictures of El-Sayed Belal which circulated on social venues following his death. One of him visibly tortured to death and the other of him carrying his child.

The Alexandria prosecution has ordered on Saturday the arrest of 12 state security officers allegedly involved in torturing and killing El-Sayed Belal, a Salafi young man who was implicated in the bombing of Two Saints Church last New Year's Eve.

The decision came after long investigations which included eyewitness accounts given by other suspects in the case, who were tortured along with Belal, and saw him die under torture. Twelve police officers took part in the torture, according to the eyewitnesses, who were all released, as no evidence linking them to the bombing could be established. The torture was aimed at extracting confessions of their responsibility for the attack on Two Saints Church.

Belal’s death was widely condemned by human rights and political activists and pictures of his body showing visible signs of his having been tortured to death circulated on social media venues.  

The testimonies against the officers implicated in the torture came only after the January 25 revolution, which was triggered in part in response to police brutality.


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