Hunger strike, the latest escalation in Egypt's protests

Zeinab El Gundy, Tuesday 12 Jul 2011

A number of protesters across Egypt have started a hunger strike in an escalation of their protest against the authorities

Amira El Adly and Mohamed Fawzy
Amira El Adly and Mohamed Fawzy

A number of protesters and activists from different places in Egypt have started a hunger strike, objecting to Essam Sharaf's speech following Friday's protest.

There are not less than 25 protesters currently on hunger strike in Suez , who say they will not break their fast unless the Suez protesters' demands are met. The 6 April Youth Movement in Alexandria announced that a number of its members, including its coordinator in the city Islam El-Hadry started a hunger strike on July 8th objecting to how the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government have ignored the demands of the protesters. Yesterday not less than two protesters were transferred to the hospital in Alexandria because of fatigue. 

The 6 April Youth Movement announced that it would start a hunger strike on Tuesday. 

The first two protesters to start a hunger strike at Tahrir Square were journalist Amira El-Adly and protester Mohamed Fawzy. El-Adly is a member of The National Front for Change and Democracy and she started her hunger strike right after the speech of the prime minister on Saturday. El-Adly told Al-Ahram newspaper that she would continue her hunger strike until next Friday and that she had decided to protest in that way because she believed that SCAF was too slow in reaching its decisions. Currently there are eight protesters in Tahrir Square on hunger strike, including El-Adly and Fawzy. One of these protesters fainted today but he has not ended his hunger strike. The field hospital in Tahrir announced that it was ready to deal with the protesters on hunger strike at the square. 

Not less than 15 protesters in Qena decided to start a hunger strike yesterday in solidarity with Tahrir revolutionaries yesterday but they were forced to end it today, although they promise to restart the hunger strike. A group of protesters with the name "Revolutionaries Without Borders" in Ismailia also threatened to start a hunger strike. 

There were several calls in the past 24 hours from activists communicating via social media networks, asking protesters not to start hunger strikes as in the current period they will need their energy and power. 

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