UK’s Cameron says he acted on intelligence advice, not certain of plane terror attack

Ahram Online , Thursday 5 Nov 2015


British Prime Minister David Cameroon said in a press conference with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on Thursday that although it is not certain that the Russian plane was brought down by a terror attack, he had to take intelligence advice for the security of his people. 

The two leaders highlighted that they conducted positive discussions on several issues. 

"We are coordinating on this together," El-Sisi said, referring to British-Egyptian efforts to return British citizens home from the holiday resort of Sharm El-Sheikh. 

Cameron also highlighted that his job is "to take the right action" for the security of his own people.

El-Sisi also said that Egypt understands Britain’s concerns and expressed that he is always ready to cooperate with them. He then re-counted that 10 months ago Egypt provided the British government with airport security reports, with a team visiting Egyptian airports.

El-Sisi reiterated that there are strong ties between both countries. 

He continued to say that Egypt is racing against time to build a civil society. 

El-Sisi shed light on the importance of cooperating with international allies to face extremist thoughts and to root them out from any society that they exist in. 

Cameron also said that extremist thoughts are an increasing problem threatening the safety of countries globally. Extremism, Cameron said, has been increasing since the bombing of the twin towers in New York in 2011.  

El-Sisi, along with high profile Egypt ministers, are on a three-day visit to the UK. 

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