Former deputy supreme guide of Muslim Brotherhood resigns

Ahram Online, Wednesday 13 Jul 2011

Mohamed Habib is the newest MB member to leave the organization. He will join Abou El-Fotouh's Nahda party

Mohamed Habib
Photo: Mohamed Habib (IkwanOnline)

Former deputy supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Habib has resigned and joined the newly formed El-Nahda Party, According to media reports.

Presidential hopeful Abd El-Monem Abou El-Fotouh is head of El-Nahda Party. Abou El-Fotouh, a former Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau member, was recently expelled from the ‎controversial Islamist group for embarking on a presidential campaign despite the group's stated committment not to field candidates and forbidding its members from running independently.

The Muslim Brotherhood seems to be experiencing divisions post-revolution. At least four groups within the organization are seeking to form their own party, including El-Nahda, in addition to the already registered Freedom and Justice party. However, none of the four other parties have as yet been registered. 

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