Revolution artists take issue with SCAF statement

Mostafa Ali, Wednesday 13 Jul 2011

A grouping of artists and actors that support the goals of the 25 January revolution issued a statement on Wednesday rejecting both the language and tone of the SCAF's statement on Tuesday

Amr Waked
Egyptian actor and director, Amr Waked (Photo: Reuters)

Revolution Artists Coalition, a grouping of artists and actors who support the goals of the 25 January revolution, issued a statement on Wednesday that rejected both the language and tone of the statement that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces delivered yesterday on state national television.

Under the title, “Pardon, military council! Our revolution will continue and we will win,” the coalition said that the military council’s statement represents a step back in terms of the council’s official position of supporting the goals of the revolution.

The coalition complained that the government of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and the military council have done little in the last 6 months to meet the demands of 25 January revolution in terms of freedom and social justice.

The coalition's statement called on both Sharaf and the council to purge media, police and the judiciary of all remnants of the Mubarak regime.

Moreover, the coalition declared its full solidarity with those who have been sitting in Tahrir since last Friday. It also called on the government to stop all military trials of civilians, free all detained protesters, and to set a living minimum wage immediately.

Finally, the coalition's statement urged the military council to respect the right of all Egyptians to organize peaceful sit-ins and to guarantee their safety.

It is important to note that the Revolution Artists Coalition has been active in supporting Friday mobilizations around the country in recent months. Well known actors Khaled El- Sawy, Amr Waked are among the dozens of members of the Revolution Artists Coalition.

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